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New Patient Center

Welcome New Patients!

Dr. Taylor consulting with patientsFrom the moment you step foot into Taylor Chiropractic, we hope you’ll feel relaxed in our light and casual office. We’re an easy-going kind of place. If you’re an athlete, be sure to check out our photo wall complete with signed pictures of patients past and present!

Your First Visit

At your first visit with Dr. Taylor, you’ll begin by filling out some new patient paperwork. Then, she’ll bring you back for a physical exam and range of motion test to get a better idea of your reason for seeking care. She’ll let you know what treatment will be the best for you and encourages you to ask any questions that you have.

If you’re in agreement, we can begin care this very same day. If you’d like to wait, that’s fine too!

Your Second Visit

At your second visit, Dr. Taylor will ask you how you’re feeling since your last adjustment. She’ll then perform another gentle and focused adjustment and provide at home exercises and stretches that can further aid you in the healing process. Ongoing care at our practice looks very much like the second visit!

As you progress, we’ll re-evaluate what’s working and what needs changing. When you’re feeling better, you can decide to continue with maintenance care if you’d like to prevent the injury from happening again.

Get To Know How We Can Help

Ready to learn more about how Dr. Taylor can help you and your family? Contact our practice today to book your first visit. We do not accept insurance at this time, but do offer same-day appointments when available and are open late a few times each week.

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