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Dr. Thea consult with patientsAt Taylor Chiropractic we take lifestyle seriously and we know you do too. There are many simple changes that can be made to enhance your life, performance and goals. The status of your health and performance will be reflected in your lifestyle and vice versa.

Dr. Taylor’s Health/Lifestyle Pyramid

Dr. Taylor (that’s me) came up with the lifestyle pyramid many years ago to show the importance of each area of our lives and how they interact. The pyramid has been through some changes over the years, and it may change again as we learn more and science has its say. In a blog post from 2013 I talk a bit about the pyramid and you can see how its changed.

Let’s Review

  • The base of the pyramid are the things we can control most readily, Food and Sleep are the most powerful two you can manipulate with profound effects. Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym, but if you’re not sleeping, everything will be wrecked.
  • Next is stress. We are all so busy and there is no stop in sight. Stress is the man behind the curtain and needs to be managed. Find stress management strategies that work for you. Many people have a stressful lifestyle, that’s a big change to make and its scary. It’s interesting …when we lower our stress we can get a way with more workouts and “bad food”. There is definitely an inverse relationship.
  • Exercise and sun are the next step on the pyramid. I really feel these two are equal, they both play such huge roles in our hormones, peace of mind and getting better sleep.
  • It sounds silly but “be the best you”. I call this the bucket list step, and its super important!! This is our purpose, our passion and why we get up in the morning. It can change as we get older, braver and wiser. That’s OK! Get out there and DO IT!!! If we’re not healthy we can’t do these things.

Want to Know More?

This is a small bit of what can be pulled from the Health/Lifestyle Pyramid. Keep an eye on the Blog for new information that’s being posted regularly. If you would like help with your lifestyle, contact us to schedule a time that we can talk about how I may be able to help you. If you’d like me to present a Health/Lifestyle talk to your organization contact us for more information and we can tailor to fit your audience.

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