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Dr Thea's Thoughts on Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a hot topic these days, and with it being summer, here’s some information you may find helpful.

Am I totally against sunscreen? No. Do I use sunscreen? Rarely.

I believe that we need the sun in all its glory. Its super important being mammals on this planet that we get sun. It’s incredibly good for our general health, mental health, vitamin D production and all things healthy.

My Suggestions for Sunscreen:

Don’t apply sunscreen until you’re pink but not burned, let the sun interact with your body, its made to do so. Use hats and long sleeve shirts and pants whenever possible instead of sunscreen. Same goes for the kiddos as well.

I’ve included two article links below to help you weed through the information so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

Until next time,
Dr. Thea

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