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Sensory Kids.

Sensory kids.
We love them at Taylor Chiropractic! These kids feel everything a little bit more than average kids.
We tend to think of it as bad, but as well see it’s a good thing for them and their body. They need a different set of tools for everyday life.
My practice takes care of a lot of these kiddos, many of these kids have trouble processing their environment and stressors. Sensory processing is a lack of adaptation to their stressors. They can’t over come the stress they have; chemical, emotional and physical.
Everyone has it to some degree weather it is noises, textures or fabrics we get overwhelmed quicker. When they are sensory seeking the NS is overwhelmed, stress is stuck on and they cant adapt to the environment.
When they are running in the red for so long it becomes their new normal or base line, and they seek outside stimuli to calm or soothe.
These are the topics we will talk about at the next perfect storm…

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Our next ADD/ADHD & Sensory Seminar is August 7th at 7pm!

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